Shobayashi Kan

Shobayashi Kan (From the website)

Shobayashi-Kan is neither a new “style” of karate-do nor a newly formed karate “association,” as those terms are commonly understood. Rather, the Shobayashi-Kan is intended to be a Life Protection-based, training and wellness-centered vehicle, having as its broad primary purposes the preservation of life and health and the transmission of a small portion of the classical martial culture of the Ryukyu Islands. The Shobayashi-Kan is not so much a physical place as it is a means by which one can choose to develop mentally, physically, and otherwise.

We are a group of “Student-Teachers” dedicated to preserving a small segment of Shorin-ryu karate-do – one of Okinawa’s classical martial arts. We are committed to life-long study, skill, character development, and healthy living habits, in an effort to honor the accomplishments of some of Okinawa’s great masters – past and present.

Our profound regard for the creators and guardians of the martial heritage of Okinawa compels us to focus heavily on that which they found most effective and beneficial, from both life-protection and personal wellness viewpoints.


The physical and psychological bases for our training, research, and applications, are the principles contained in the classical empty hand and weapon forms taught on Okinawa by Shimabukuro, Eizo, Hanshi, Ju-Dan, currently Kaicho, Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate-do Kokusai Renmei, an organization headquartered in Ginoza-son, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Our art includes Karate-jutsu, Kobu-jutsu, Tuite-jutsu, and Kyusho mato-jutsu.

Our regimen also incorporates Hojo Undo (supplemental exercise) as well as meridian theory, life protection strategies and mindsets, and accompanying decisionsoba omotesando loops.

Detailed research into the culture of the Ryukyu Islands underlies all of our efforts. In this regard one of our primary goals is to become familiar with the original “Just Warrior” mindset and model of those who created and developed what we now seek to know and do.

Of unique importance is the powerful emphasis the Shobayashi-Kan places on health-building training habits and lifestyles. To us it is patently clear that many of the Masters of Okinawa’s martial culture did not live to ripe old ages by accident. Their training and Okinawa’s foundational martial culture text, the “Bubishi”, clearly establish and reflect the link between sound nutrition and martial skill. Accordingly, we include and recommend high quality, scientifically validated, beneficial, dietary supplements as part of one’s daily training routine. For more information please see